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I love the almost abstract title given to a not so abstract subject. However, I think your vision of infinity was not achieved to the fullest. However, I do love the feeling of infinity I get from the extensive bokeh field and the shallow DOF.

I love the originality you achieved here. One would normally see a closer crop of the main flower with some bokeh behind it. You included more than one flower, adding to the appeal and originality. I had to go down half a star because this color scheme (although gorgeous) is sometimes abused when it comes to flowers and bokeh. That's not necessarily a bad thing though!

Going back to what I mentioned about not fully achieving your vision, I think this lies in the composition. With the main flower ending in the bottom left corner, I get more of a sense of a definite ending, instead of something rooted in infinity. Perhaps a simple 90* clockwise rotation would help with the feeling of infinity. The flower stems and flowers would then lead the viewer up an out of the image into an infinite space, instead leading them into a closed space (the bottom left corner). There is some weird band-like blue stuff surrounding the stems on the right side of the image. I forget the term for this, but it's similar to the color purple showing up around highlights in images where a lot of sunlight is present. I think you could easily clone out these areas. Lastly, the dark blue area near the bottom is a little distracting from the main flower, you could crop or clone it out. Overall, great color, tones and exposure! The bokeh is nice and varied in terms of color and opacity.

This is a very special image that will make a lasting impact on its viewers. With some more tweaking it could be even more special. :)
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Jules1983 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks a lot for the critique! :glomp:
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